We seek to be the very presence of Christ in Fort Lauderdale by cultivating a community of Faith, Hope + Love.

Our Mission

We exist to see people come to know God through understanding and embracing the gospel. Only by the grace of the gospel are people transformed from skeptics into believers. The message of the gospel is that Christ has done what is necessary to bring us into a relationship with God, a relationship that is severed apart from Jesus. The good news is that Christ hasn’t given us a philosophy or list of rules to follow; he has given us himself. We challenge ourselves to be a church that contextualizes truth to a people asking the big questions, in turn helping them to wrestle with the remarkable claims of Christ.

In any context, we believe that the gospel speaks to the whole person, whether religious or irreligious, and that it can transform any place, bringing the healing and restoration of Christ’s kingdom. This is specifically why we choose to live in the city. The city stimulates and fosters the gifts, capacities, and talents of people, the deep potential in the human heart. The concentration of talent in the city produces greater works of art, science, technology, and culture. We believe that God’s image is made manifest more clearly in the city, where human beings in all their brokenness, fallenness, and messiness are to be found in diverse abundance.

We believe that as Christians, we are to help renew our cities. Because we believe the gospel to be transformative, we keep it at the center of everything we do. We don't get bogged down in the latest ministry fad, political agenda, or any other seemingly important minutiae. Ultimately, our hope is not in ourselves or in our abilities, but in the goodness and grace of God.